LBB Info

All issues to be e-mailed this year as a pdf and an excel.  Everyone will receive both versions of each issue that they purchase.  No printed copies will be available.

October 2020 Issue-Strat-O-Matic Card Projections, The SOM Card projections for all of the carded and many uncarded players.

January 2021 Issue – Strat-O-Matic Baseball New Card Ratings, 52+ page issue.  One or two pages per team.  Hitters and pitchers also in an alphabetical listing.  The plan is for this issue to look just like it always has, only I now have the freedom of 2 pages per team with no extra costs.

February 2021 Issue – LBB Draft Guide – 42+ page issue.  Players ranked by position.  Rookie section in the back of the issue with a complete rookie draft list.

A full year is all of the above issues for $40.  The issues may be purchased separately as listed.

A rookie draft list is posted on the web site after the season and the password is available to subscribers.

Send your check to John Lamanna, PO Box 271, Goldenrod, FL  32733-0271.  Make sure the check is payable to John Lamanna.  Paypal is also accepted.

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