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LAMANNA’S BASEBALL BULLETIN (LBB), in our 34th year, is a Strat-O-Matic Baseball newsletter devoted to assisting SOM Baseball managers in evaluating every card in the SOM card set. All of the LBB ratings and LBB player evaluations are published between the end of the baseball season and opening day at the SOM Game Company.

The LBB card projections, for fielding, stealing and card chances, are a must for confident drafting and trading before the cards are available. Then, the New Card Rating issue gives you all the actual rating numbers! Get the information that the other guys in your league aren’t telling you about, because this is their edge for trading and drafting against you!

Oct. 21, 2018:  Correction for stealing:

Oct. 13, 2018:  I plan to send out the LBB Projections Issue on Monday, Oct. 22!  I have the e ratings completed.  I’m still working on the range and arm ratings.  If any current subscriber is interested in reviewing their favorite team and providing feedback, send me an email and I can send the fielding ratings for that team.

Oct. 7, 2018:  Catchers arm loaded, * starters loaded, top 22 rookies loaded.  I’m moving along well with the projections.


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The classy Tom Glavine took the time to pose with me and Terry!