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LAMANNA’S BASEBALL BULLETIN (LBB), in our 36th year, is a Strat-O-Matic Baseball newsletter devoted to assisting SOM Baseball managers in evaluating every card in the SOM card set. All of the LBB ratings and LBB player evaluations are published between the end of the baseball season and opening day at the SOM Game Company.

The LBB card projections, for fielding, stealing and card chances, are a must for confident drafting and trading before the cards are available. Then, the New Card Rating issue gives you all the actual rating numbers! Get the information that the other guys in your league aren’t telling you about, because this is their edge for trading and drafting against you!

Feb. 10, 2021 – The LBB Imagined Set Issue is ready!  I just put a paypal button on the prices page.  If you paid for the full one or two years, you get this issue as part of your package deal.  If you’re just buying issues separately, this one is 20 bucks.  It’s a combo of the Card Ratings and Draft Guide issues for the Imagined Set.  The written pages for future value and the rookie list are the exact same as in the LBB Draft Guide.  I didn’t see any sense in using imagined stats to promote future value.  If you want the issue, and believe that you get it as part of your yearly subscription, send an email to my Comcast address and Terry or I will send it out.  The issue will consist of a pdf file and an excel file.  All at-bats and innings have been provided by Strat to match what is on the Imagined Cards.

Jan. 31, 2021 – I left Nelson Cruz off of the Top 200.  He doesn’t play a position and that makes him a pinch hitter in a non-dh league.  If I were to put him in there now, I’d squeeze him in at 190.5, right ahead of Ruf.

Jan. 31, 2021 – Here are the 2020 * Starting Pitchers: Shane Bieber, Cle; Aaron Civale, Cle; Gerrit Cole, NYY; Yu Darvish, ChiN; Zac Gallon, Ari; Luis Giolito, ChiA; Kyle Hendricks, ChiN; Lance Lynn, Tex; German Marquez, Col; Aaron Nola, Phi; Antonio Senzatela, Col; Brandon Woodruff, Mil.

Jan. 29, 2021 – The Draft Guide was sent out on Wed, Jan 27.  If you didn’t get your copy, it may be lost in cyberspace.  I’m working on the Imagined Set this weekend.

Jan. 26, 2021 – The Draft Guide will be sent out Friday, Jan. 29 before noon.  The top 200 spoiler is that I went with Soto, Tatis and Freeman as the top 3 picks.  The top 7 players are all worthy of being the top pick so keep that in mind when you look over the list.

Two minor errors, not worth re-sending the Card Ratings out again, even though I have an updated issue if you’d like it.
Coonrod, SF is a POW of 1:3.  It was listed as a zero in some of the tables.  That was an excel error.
Kremer, BAL is 25 years old and not 35, that’s a typo.  I fixed both of those in the draft guide.

No date for the imagined set yet.  I’ll be working on that issue this weekend.  Good luck to all of you with your trades and drafts.

Jan. 23, 2021 – I will re-send the Card Ratings issue tonight.  I had an excel mistake where all of the W’s in the tables are listed as zero (0).  The pdf booklet team pages 1-40 are correct.

Jan. 19, 2021 – I will e-mail out the Card Ratings Issue on Thursday morning.  The Draft Guide will follow about one week later.

Jan. 17, 2021 – The Card Ratings issue will be ready to send out soon.  Betts is on the cover again, I couldn’t resist putting him on there in a Dodger uniform.  As soon as I have an exact date, I will post it here.  The Draft Guide will be sent out one week after the Card Ratings issue.  I have Robert on the cover since he’s the top pick.  The Imagined set will take longer for me to send out.  I would suggest that you buy the Imagined card ratings from Strat if you need them fast for your leagues.  I will combo the Imagined card ratings and draft guide into one issue and post that date as I get closer to having that issue ready.  I just finished the usual style written rookie list of 292 rookies today.  It was unusually long. That will be first posted in the draft guide.  My top seven are Robert, Bohm, Arozarena, Hayes, Madrigal, Sanchez and I. Anderson.  I still have yet to do the top 200 for the Draft Guide back page and I’m sure that Tatis, Soto and Freeman will make the top 5.  Hang in there, the numbers will be out soon!

Dec. 5, 2020 – I spoke with Strat on Thursday and asked for both the actual and the imagined set for 2020.  I will be sending out the standard Card Ratings issue and Draft Guide for the actual set and the imagined set.  The Draft Guide for the imagined set will be mostly the same future value information and I’ll only be changing the pages that have the actual card numbers on that page.  There will be a slight delay in the LBBs for the imagined set since I’ll need a little more time to do both and I may get that one a little bit later.  The pricing for this will be as follows:  if you paid for the whole year, you get all of the issues, the regular set and the imagined set.  If you are buying individual issues, I’ll have you specify which issue you want.  When it gets closer and I actually have the imagined set, I’ll put a Paypal button on the web site, so don’t buy the imagined set just yet.

Strat was going to have their 60th Anniversary celebration this year but it will be delayed .  They said that they may do it next year and I suggested that they use the 61* like the Roger Maris home run record.  I think they liked that.  Remember, you heard it here first.  Maybe I’ll be able to speak at that event and tell some of my Strat stories.

The asterisk starter list that I sent out has the following corrections for the 2020 set.  K. Freeland, Col will not be an asterisk starter.  I had also listed T. Bauer, L. Castillo and Z. Wheeler as maybe’s, based on the 7 inning game limits but they are not asterisk starters either.

Oct. 21, 2020 – I sent out the LBB October 2020 Projections Issue on Wednesday night.  If you did not receive this, it is probably time to renew and you can email me to see if your subscription is current.  Have fun, John

Oct. 17, 2020 – My goal to send out the projections is Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020.  I’m just wrapping up some loose ends and then it will be ready to go.  One of those loose ends is waiting for the Fielding Bible outfielder article so I can make some last minute adjustments, if needed!  What’s new in the LBB you ask?  Well, I have added columns for adjusted at-bats and innings.  In the excel, there will be a 2.7 above the column for adjusted at-bats and innings.  If your league is using 3.0 to adjust, just change that one cell from 2.7 to 3.0 and it will change the entire adjusted column.  Sure, that’s pretty good but there’s more.  After drafting in 3 leagues last year with my draft list that had a column for the players’ age, I figured that you guys might like that too, so I have added that this year, and it will be in the draft guide also.  I’ll send out a pdf and an excel file with the projections.  I will filter out all of the pitchers and hitters with less than 10 actual AB or IP in one excel tab and have another with every player who appeared in 2020.  The low AB or IP guys have some crazy numbers and it helps me to filter them out as anticipated non-carded players.

I have been using direct email to send the * Starter info and the catcher’s throwing arms.  I’ve been having a slight problem with password protecting the pages on the web site.

Terry is handling subscriptions at the comcast address and if you have specific questions for me, you can send them to me at the gmail address.

Sept. 30, 2020 – Added * Starting Pitchers and Catcher’s throwing arms.  The * starters could be tricky this year with all of the 7 inning games so I have a list of sure things and some maybes.

Sept. 11, 2020 – I updated the price list today.  This will be my 36th year of producing the LBB!


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The classy Tom Glavine took the time to pose with me and Terry!