Stoppers 2018

Stoppers:  The extra information you may need to stop that run from scoring from third

The question of when to bring in the best relief pitcher to stop the run from scoring from third or to leave in the starting pitcher, is one that we have all dealt with.  Andrew Miller and Chad Green are obviously great choices as stoppers.  They don’t have great closer ratings.  But, sometimes you may need to sacrifice your closer early in the game.  In that case, you need to make the best choice.  I use the word sacrifice since a closer rating of 1:4, 1:5 or 1:6 can allow the pitcher to become weak quicker by bring them in early, because in the save situation, they have the bonus of the secondary extended POW/closer rating.

The best results from the card image function in the Strat game is very useful.  I had never used it until I saw it this year.  It is the percent of K, lineout, popout and gbA’s on the pitchers card.  It’s a valuable tool.  I wanted to take that number to the next level.  What about with the infield back when a gbA to 2b or ss allows the run to score with less than 2 out?  What about the ball park single effect?  What about the pitchers’ fielding?  I added these numbers into my excel table.  I included a function where you can input the ball park single number in the see the effect of that on the stopper ability of the pitcher.

The highest stopper rating that a pitcher can be is an 80.  The other 28 chances on the pitcher’s card are X fielding chances.  Any pitcher weakness will reduce this stopper number.

I listed the pitchers on the table at least twice.  There is a top group of all the pitchers listed in how they rank vs RHB with the infield in.  This is the group that you should use to sort based on the situation or the ballpark.  Next, there are two groups of the top 10 vs LHB and vs RHB.  Then, I listed all of the players alphabetically/by team.  You can sort the players alphabetically if you like, the column to sort by is column C for last name, and column B for first name initial.

I apologize for any errors that you may find on the list but the first few people who use the file with be helping me check the numbers.  If you see anything that doesn’t make sense, it may be a typo.  Any feedback would be appreciated.

I also included a separate tab of this excel file for the defensive rating for the pitchers factored into the hits, OBP and TB.  All of the ratings are there so you can use this list to replace the previous lists if you like.

If you need any clarification or just have questions, send me an email at  I’d also like to know if you use this in a game and if it made a difference.

Thanks, John

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